About Paul

Youth Leadership Development Day

Youth Leadership Development Day

Paul Teleki holds a Masters in Public Ethics with a focus on politics and accountability from the University of Ottawa.  He is a local business owner (Preferences) and works for the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce as the Member Relations Lead. He has been a youth worker with the Youth Emergency Shelter and member and volunteer of the Peterborough Rotary Club.  At the municipal level, he has worked for the GPA EDC as the Business Retention and Expansion Coordinator and Summer Company Coordinator in 2007 and sat on the Youth Commission and Grants Committee with the City of Peterborough.  He has always been interested in political representation through his commitment to and participation in municipal, provincial, federal and student politics since he was 9. His passion and dedication for politics is fuelled by his Uncle’s dedication of democratizing Hungary post-World War II.


Bronze at Judo Ontario Open with Sensei Hino

Paul volunteered at the Lakefield Animal Shelter and presented at the City of Peterborough Youth Leadership Day. He is a member of the Kawartha Nordic Ski Club, Trent Judo Club at the YMCA and strongly supports the United Way of Peterbrorough. He is an urban farmer, artist, musician and an ethicist.   His wife Elizabeth holds a Master’s in Sustainability at Trent and a board member of the Peterborough Regional Health Centre and United Way of Peterborough.

October 2009

East City resident and youth worker Paul Teleki submitted his nomination to City Hall in an effort to create a new standard for what it means to represent the citizens of Peterborough. Teleki’s campaign focused on creating more opportunities for interaction with the public and facilitating a voice for citizens. Throughout his campaign, Teleki engaged Ashburnham Ward to gather information about their values, needs and opinions. It is a process he would continue if elected.

Paul is proudly married to Elizabeth Teleki (Kowacz) who works as the Chief Operating Officer at Park Place Financial and Farm Life.


Canvassing the neighborhood

The birth of his first son Orion changed Paul’s life forever. Paul spends a significant portion of the week with his son, learning the ropes of becoming a dad. Orion frequently joins his father on adventures big and far, meeting many people and charming them with his smile.