Orion Steven

An ode to my son Orion

A Day’s Reflection of Father’s Day


Awaiting the day to become a father,

Becoming the day that does not rather,

Emit the felt joy of an endless real being,

Feeling pure emotion rather than seeing.


Twice in the day, even three times,

the sense of such love to emit such a rhyme,

and everyday more that I am with him,

he makes me feel loved like I never have been.


To be a real father, one devoted, one true,

Makes at all times me think only of you.

I cannot know what I would do in each every instance,

To make you feel happy through my whole commitment.


Everyday you will grow, and your heart will inflow,

You’ll teach me the things that I want to know.

I wish this was everlasting, I wish it did not stop,

so I’ll give it my all, till the day that I drop.


Early Stories and Pictures of Orion

On 11-12-13 Orion Steven Teleki was born naturally at our home in Ashburnham, Peterborough. Since that wonderful day, Elizabeth and Paul’s lives changed forever. Here’s a continuous story of how it came to be and this website will be a timeline of the people and events that will change his life forever!


Finding out

When we found out that Elizabeth was pregnant, in all honesty we were surprised because we had been trying for some time since our wedding but there came a point when Elizabeth returned to school, returned to her regular exercise routine and we believe that’s why we became pregnant. Our only obstacle was accepting that our lives would be very different from that day on (and for the better!). We decided not to find out the sex of our child, and after doing our research, decided that we would use Kawartha Midwives to advise her pregnancy and deliver our child. Throughout the process we also decided that we would try a home birth, provided that everything goes smooth.



As time ticked by, Elizabeth continued taking care of her body by going to fitness classes and going on a trip she had booked before we found out.  She had gone to Jordan in August 2013 at 5 months pregnant and she claims that it was the best decision she had ever made. At the time, the baby was very active so she named it Chilli.

Elizabeth was also in the middle of completing her masters thesis in sustainability, so eventually she had to put her studies on hold so that she could focus more on the baby growing inside her, and she plans on returning to her studies when the timing is right.

Closer to the due date, there were still so many things to do, Paul had Judo coaching training to complete and the Coach Trainer told the group how lucky Paul was that his wife would let him go to the training so far from home and so close to the due date.  Elizabeth also had some important work to finish up, so we didn’t just wait around for the arrival, but kept busy until literally the day of the birth.

The birthing pool was setup in our living room, we had a good supply or wood for our fireplace, and all of our resources were in place.

After Birth

Did we mention our lives would change forever?  The most amazing little person decided to make his presence on December 11th, 2013 and we are so proud of the little man he already is.  The labour was intense, as all labours generally are, and Elizabeth managed to deliver Orion Steven naturally at our home in Peterborough.  We were accompanied by two incredible midwives, our doula (birthing coach), Johanna Kowacz (Elizabeth’s mother) and Paul’s mom Susan Teleki wanted to be present for the birth but coincidentally had eye surgery the same exact day (what are the chances?).  We celebrate his birth everyday and will be posting pictures regularly with people that love him and he will come to love.  If you don’t see your picture with him below, send us an e-mail with your favourite one.  All images are copyright Orion Steven Teleki.

Please note: We kindly ask everyone to refrain from posting Orion’s image or any video on any social media network.  Orion wishes to choose when he comes of age whether he wants to open accounts which allow him to post images on-line.  By hosting his images on our own website we have complete ownership of the photo’s and can remove them as we see fit.  Thank you for understanding.

Here are some awesome photo’s of our baby with loved ones:

Mama with Orion

Orion with Grandma Johanna

Orion with Papa

Grandpa Keith with Orion

Grammama with Orion

Orion and Grandpa Steven

Orion on Signing Table

Orion’s First Bath

Orion in Bath Towel after first bath

Orion with Yosra

Orion with Sensei Tomoyoshi Hino

Daddy Working with Orion

Mama the night before Labour

Baby with Daddy

 And here are a whole bunch of cute pictures of the baby Orion:

Orion in his cozy sleeper

Orion getting a first good glimpse of the world

Orion just chillin’ hardcore

Orion with first paint brush from Papa

Orion with wonderful Midwife Susan

Orion doing Recycling with Daddy

Orion with Grapes and Mama

Uncle Chris and Orion

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our site with all the wonderful people who have surrounded Orion, if you’re picture is not up here yet, feel free to tell us to bring our camera or send us a picture of you with Orion soon!

Rebecca and Tim

Francois and Isabelle


Jess Melnik and Orion

Marilyn Strain and Orion

Ang Flynn with Orion

Frank Flynn with Orion

Jen Gauthier with Orion


Another day at the office

Matt and Katia with Orion

Pass out central!

Tony and Joma


Working on fundamentals!

Super Pose!

I’m super cute


Call me Superman!