Entering Fatherhood

Pass out central!

Pass out central!

After several months (9.5 to be exact) of embarking on my first journey of fatherhood, I decided to share some of my experiences as I am such a proud father of my amazing son Orion. I am honoured to share the responsibilities of caring for my son.

I was fortunate enough at one point to be an entrepreneur and have much of the week to be with my son.  Aside from being an entrepreneur for my business Preferences Incorporated, I feel as though I am in some sense an entrepreneur of my son’s development as well.

My experiences with him have been nothing less than amazing.


Orion and I out gathering feedback door-to-door

First of all, we have so much fun playing, singing, dancing and adventuring together.  While we were out on the campaign trail in 2014, I put him in the carrier around my chest and off we go house-to-house meeting people.  Orion is so incredibly social with people: he smiles on command, waves goodbye and makes every interaction with neighbours a pleasant one!  People love him and so do I.  I have even brought him to Rotary meetings, conferences, presentations, and a tour of Peterborough Utilities.

From time to time on the campaign trail, we had to stop to get some food in his belly, get a drink of water or change his diaper under a tree.  But he continues on with perseverance as we continue on to meet more people.  Once he’s had enough door-to-door and is ready to go home, he tells me with body movements and by using his voice.  He is so smart!

But this adventure into fatherhood is anything but easy.  There is something fundamental that connects him to his mother Elizabeth, something even I can not fulfill. I try my best to make sure his milk is the perfect temperature, he is comforted, he is loved unconditionally, and that he is healthy and clean, but there is this connection Orion has to his mother that I have difficulty filling perfectly :) Profoundly, it is what makes us a good team.

OrionAs Helen Nicolaides Keller once told me, we raise them to learn to walk away and be independent… and it’s heart-wrenching.  Everyday that goes by, he becomes a little bit more independent, and although a revel in his successes, I still yearn for his dependency, even though it’s exhausting at times.

My goddaughter Madeleine really set the stage for what to expect as a father and that I have the potential to love someone so little and dependent so incredibly much.