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Screen shot 2015-09-01 at 2.30.47 PMJoin us at the Athletics Centre at Trent in room FS1 starting in May! Spaces are limited so register at the front desk to get your child a spot in the Spring 2017 program!

Great news! The Ninja Kids program runs six sessions per week.  Based on demand we will have added a class on Wednesday’s 6-7pm and  Saturday’s from 12:00 to 1:00pm for kids under 6.  The following classes are starting January 12th:

  • Wednesday 6-7 p.m. (kids under 6)
  • Thursday 5-6 p.m. (kids under 6)
  • Saturday 9-10 a.m. (recommended kids under 4)
  • Saturday 10-11 a.m (recommended kids under 5)
  • Saturday 11-12pm (advanced class)
  • Saturday 12-1pm (kids under 6)

Come demo the class to see if your children enjoy the fun!


Our Saturday morning Ninja Kids class!


Check out our Ninja Kids Squad from the 2016 Winter Session below:

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Ninja Kids is an engaging physical
program for children 2-5 years old.  The program is designed to teach physical literacy and long-term athlete development to children while building their safety, confidence, and respect for others. Through play, challenging activities, and fun games, Ninja Kids will prepare children for whatever athletic goals they pursue in the future.  Kids who wish to continue into Sensei Tomoyoshi Hino’s junior Judo classes at the Athletics Centre will be well-prepared to do so as most of Paul Teleki’s training has been in Judo.


Ninja Kids was conceived while Paul Teleki was working toward his NCCP1 and NCCP2 (National Coaching Certification) and grading for his blackbelt in Judo.  The experience of assisting Sensei Hino’s junior and senior Judo classes spurred the idea of reaching a younger group in order to prepare them for Judo classes in the future.  The term “physical literacy” came out of the NCCP curriculum.  Most importantly, the birth of my son Orion in Dec. 2013 inspired my desire to enable other children with the same skills around safety, confidence and respect for others.


Ninja Kids guiding principles are: safety, confidence, and respect.  It is an open-hand physical activity (never making fists) which focuses on helping children protect their body when falling, improve their physical abilities, and help others stay safe. Most of Teleki’s training is in Judo, which is translated to the Gentle-Way (Ju=Gentle, do=Way).  Ukemi (breakfall) is the first thing you learn in Judo, and it also carries with it principles of respect, mutual welfare, balance, and intentionality.  These experiences have led to the founding principles of Ninja Kids.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.08.43 PM

Poster sent home with children


Ninja Kids is rewards-based where kids will be given a variety of activities to accomplish. The rewards will include stickers which kids can take home and place on their Ninja Kids poster.  Once a child completes their sticker collection, they can proceed to the next level in Ninja Kids which will eventually lead to their graduation and ceremony.  Kids will learn to speak Japanese during class. Sensei Teleki can speak French, Hungarian, Japanese and English.

Each class begins with warm-up and stretching while proceeding into physical activities that promote safety, building confidence and respect for others.  Throughout the class, there will be spontaneous games, challenges, and stretching activities. Integrated in each activity will include respect for others.

Ukemi No Kata

In Judo, just as other martial arts, there are a variety of Kata exercises which demonstrates the participants ability to perform the martial art effectively. Ninja Kids has developed its own Kata series for children who are interested in graduating to other martial arts classes.  The series will include demonstrating forward, backward, to-the-side, forward flipping, and backward flipping breakfalls.  The Kata series will demonstrate a child’s ability to maintain balance, fall safely and respect others.

Ontario Open Bronze Medal with Sensei Hino

Ontario Open Bronze Medal with Sensei Hino


I could not run this class without some key people.  I would like to thank Sensei Hino for allowing the Ninja Kids to borrow his amazing mats, first aid kit, and picture of Kano Sensei. With his teachings and inspiration, the Ninja Kids program was conceived. I would like to thank my beautiful wife for her support sharpening my delivery of Ninja Kids.  I would like to thank the team at the Athletics Centre at Trent for working with me while setting up the mats.  And thanks to the parents and children who have the patience to learn the fundamentals of safety, confidence, and respect.

Visit our Lesson Plan Development page to learn more.

We will be adding more video’s in the coming weeks: